Google Teases Android 4.3 in New Gmail Promotional Video

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It is pretty evident that the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update is on it's way. Previously a Nexus 4 running on the new operating system was spotted in Thailand Mobile Expo. Also a trusted source told Gizbot that the OS is very much real and Indian mobile vendors including Zen Mobile and Micromax are already working on it. However, Google has chosen to stay silent regarding this.

Google Teases Android 4.3 in New Gmail Promotional Video

Getting to the interesting part, Google's new promo video showcasing an updated Gmail UI could be possibly hinting towards impending Android 4.3 update. As history speaks, Google is known to hint the upcoming Android Operating System by setting the time on the device same as the Android version no it's running on. The new promotional video shows a Nexus 4's time set to 4:30, possibly hinting the Android 4.3. Is all this just a coincidence or is there some kind of a Da Vinci Code going around here? Will the operating system be unveiled on June 10?

Meanwhile, Gmail for desktop and mobile updated with a brand new inbox making organization of mails simple and easy . The new inbox groups your mail into categories which appear as different tabs. Gmail will let you add five tabs to categories emails. These categories include Main, Social, Offers, Notifications, and Forums. Users will have the choice of selecting which categories they want.

Users will be able to access mails from friends, family or office for that matter, from the Main section. The social section will include emails from social media sides such as Facebook, twitter or Youtube. Offers section as the name suggests will include mails from online retail stores and others.

Notifications section will contain impotent mails such reservations alerts, email about bill payments and so on. Forums section will include emails associated with any mailing lists or forums that you have enrolled for.

As for the Gmail app for Android 4.0+ and iOS, you'll see your Primary mail when you open the app and you can easily navigate to the other tabs. You also have the option of switching of to the classic view, if you are not comfortable with the optional tabs.

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