Google Unveils Redesigned Play Store v4.0 App for Android Devices

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Gizbot earlier told you about Google working on a new Google Play 4.0 update which will bring a completely new UI design. The leaks of the new designs were circulating over the internet, last month, but there was no telling on whether these were legit. Well, these doubts can now be put aside, as Google has confirmed that, it will indeed be rolling out the new update to devices running on Android 2.2 and higher by April 10, that is today.

Google Unveils Redesigned Play Store v4.0 App for Android Devices

The designs that were leaked before, turns out to be the real deal. The redesigned Google Play store focuses on on bigger images and brings in new fonts for category section titles. Similarly themed content is grouped together, so you can easily access the apps you are looking for.

Now, new recommendations will continue to appear, as you move down the page, making it easier to explore. The update is also sad to introduce a more simplified purchasing system, so you can buy apps and other content, with more ease.

Item containers have been redesigned to look more like Google Now-style thumbnail cards and as for the home page, it will now feature a cleaner box-style design, giving it a more organized look.

Basically, the update makes the Google Play Store more visually appealing and easier to use. Google have said that the update will be pushed out to users around the world in the next few weeks.

motodroidlife has posted a video showcasing the features of the new update.

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