Google Wallet Updated: Now Supports Any Credit Or Debit Card

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An update has been received for Android's mobile payment system Google Wallet. Although the upgrade is small, however, it brings out extensive features including a support feature for credit and debit cards. Reportedly, Google Wallet now shall be able to support all credit and debit cards from Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Discover.

Google has now made available these cards for in-store purchase; users just have to possess a phone with Google Wallet application. The same can be used for online purchases from some select stores. The Google Wallet app also keeps payment cards on a highly secure server and not on any secure storage area of the phone.

Google Wallet Updated: Now Supports Any Credit Or Debit Card

Users now do not need to worry about disabling the feature in case of loss of the device. They can simply disable the feature from the "Devices" section of It is also seen that the new upgrade adds various improvisations to application stability, battery life and user interface.
The key feature of Google Wallet is that it can be locked and disabled, which means security has been given due importance by the app maker. The app contains a dedicated Google Wallet PIN that prevents others from making payments with one's Google Wallet. Google also advices users to put a screen lock for their phones to ensure an extra level of protection.

The Google Wallet is now made available for six phones from virgin mobile and sprint and also the now Nexus 7. Google has also entered a partnership with more than 25 retailers at the national level. Google Wallet can be now downloaded for free via Google Play Store. For more details, click here.

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