Here's Why Apple iOS 8 Update Requires More than 4GB of Free Space

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Updates and improvements are getting bigger day after day. From the mobile updates to updates meant for games, everything requires you to free up a great deal of space for a new beginning. And the new iOS update from Apple isn't any different as well.

The new Apple update for the next big iOS platform requires you to shell out a massive space. It's more than 4GB, and has already been seen as a major downer by some Apple users currently looking to get their supported handsets upgraded.

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Here's Why Apple iOS 8 Update Requires More than 4GB of Free Space

With the iOS 8 already released to the public, there's massive confusion regarding both the phone upgrade and the overall system upgrade. While the system update takes up about 1 GB of space, the ones on iPhone and iPad claim approximately 4.6GB of free space.

But before you lament such a big update for your otherwise stuffed phone, ask yourself this: "If Apple is promoting so many new features for the new iOS 8, isn't it only natural that this big an update will be the order of the day?" Just think of it as a GTA 5 update offering the most massive open world ever.

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The basic thing that you need to understand in this reagrd is that whenever we download any such updates on our phones, they come in the form of a compressed file. With downloading completed, the compressed file is soon made open. Hence either your iPhone and iPad requires as much space as it can have to install everything.

But that doesn't mean only new stuff requires that much space. In fact, the entire download and installing procedure requires the phone to make space for the previous iteration of the platform to ensure that the new update is successfully installed on the phone.

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But what after the entire downloading and installing procedure is done? Well, that's when the phone removes both iOS 7 and the compressed file that you downloaded for iOS 8. And after that, expect the space to free up again. This means you can again reload the phone with all your usual stuff.

Apple has started rolling out the new iOS 8 update already. And if you haven't recieved as yet, well, patience is the virtue!

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