Hoax WhatsApp messages Circulate All Over the Web

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WhatsApp messages have been the topic of discussion these days. Fake messages have created a buzz in the market. The application has come up with its latest update that suggests that the company would be charging users for messages sent from 2013. It also added that the users who send this as a message to 10 other users get spared from being charged. This obviously is a fake message.

The fake message informed the receiver that it was sent from WhatsApp and included a certain code meant to be sent to ten people. Once the message reaches the inbox of ten users, WhatsApp sends another message with an activation code.

Once the user enters the activation code, he will no longer be charged of using the application. The message further added that the company would be charging the users from next year.

In the past, similar kinds of messages have generated a considerable amount of buzz among the users. The users who avail chat services are constantly inundated with messages saying that the services would no longer be provided for free.

Hoax WhatsApp messages Circulate All Over the Web

But passing the message to 18 other users can spare them from being charged. Active chat service users usually fall prey to these messages eventually sending the message to other users. Few applications even promise to provide a better version once the messages are sent.

Users exasperated by these messages turn to social networking sites like Twitter to vent out their frustration. They post concerns about the worthless time consuming messages they receive. There are however users who escaped being targeted stating how thankful they are.

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