How To Install Facebook Home APK For All Android Smartphones

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Earlier this year, Facebook launched their new Facebook Home Apk on Google Play, this allowed users to transform their there android smartphones into a social networking cored one. But unfortunately, the social networking site had only been made available for the HTC One X, One X+, Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC First and Galaxy Note 2. For that matter, things haven't changed even now, the official root to install the app is still limited to the above devices.

How To Install Facebook Home APK For All Android Smartphones

Alright, the APK ain't exactly the most liked inclusion on Google Play, but it still could be a convenient asset for people lead a active online social life. If you feel you have been left out because you don't own a device that supports Facebook Home, don't be too sad, because there is an alternate way now.

Theos0o of XDA-Developers has successfully modified Facebook Home app, to make it work on all Android phones. Heres how to do it:

Step 1: Uninstall original Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Facebook Home apps. If Facebook is pre-installed then you will need root to remove it.

Step 2: Download the Facebook APK from here, Facebook Messenger APK from here and Facebook Home APK from here.

Step 3: Now Install com.facebook.katana (Facebook app), com.facebook.home (Facebook Home app) and com.facebook.orca.apk (Facebook Messenger app).

Step 4: Enable Facebook Home under Facebook app settings.

Step 5: In case of any issues, reboot into recovery and wipe dalvik cache.

What to Expect From Facebook Home?

Facebook home does bring in some cool features, like News Feeds straight to your home screen, bigger and bolder notifications, chat heads for easy and convenient conversation via Facebook messenger and App launcher for quick access.

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