Instagram Reports 90 Million Active Users Per Month, 40 Million Photos Per Day

By: Gizbot Bureau

Instagram has come out with an announcement that its user count has reached 90 million this month, which is 10 per cent more than December. The data was revealed in the Press Page of Instagram.

The photo sharing site also said that almost 40 million photos are posted to the site every day. The Facebook-owned site had reached 1 million users within six weeks of its launch and 4.5 million in May 2011, the seventh month after its launch. It is also seen that there are 8,500 people ‘liking' photos per second.

Instagram Reports 90 Million Active Users Per Month, 40Million Per Day

The company had changed its ToS last month and many misread the site's intentions. People came to a conclusion that Instagram was about to sell the photos on its website for advertising. Huge uproars forced Instagram to withdraw its ToS page. The New York time also had released a report at that time saying that there was a drop in the number of Instagram users.

It stated that the number of users came down from 16. 4 million to 12.4 million, and then to about 4 million users. Many denied the fact stating that the information was inaccurate as not everyone integrates Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Now, that the user count has hit 90 million, Instagram is flooded with photos of people with their dinner times, pictures of pets and lot more. Just like Facebook, the users of Instagram keep multiplying. It may be just a matter of time before Instagram catches up with its boss, Facebook. Facebook has a user count of one billion.

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