Mailbox: Gmail App Out Now to Fix Users Email Problems

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Gmail has come up with a new app ‘Mailbox' that is committed to address problems users face with emails. Using the app, users can sort out their inboxes to keep it at zero. The app also lets users know how many of their messages are read and how many unread ones remain.

The app is available only for iPhone users at this point and this helps users to ‘Swipe' away emails that are of least preference to be reverted back later. Users can choose a specific time and also select a date for it to return. Users can also delete or archive messages using this new app.

Mailbox: Gmail App Out Now to Fix Users Email Problems

Users can deal with their emails in a more straight way when they opt to use Mailbox app, by deleting all unwanted mails and responding only to important mails. Users will also be allowed to view emails that are arranged in filters and folders within Gmail. The app will show users only the contents of users' inbox.

Mailbox is an iOS app which works on iPhone and interfaces only with accounts in Gmail. These limitations may invoke bitterness among some users particularly those depending on Outlook or Exchange. Mailbox involves four main swiping options namely short or long and left or right. This helps users get mails out of their inbox with ease.

The main screen of ‘Mailbox' shows a list which contains all recent messages. Users can swipe to right to go to archive and a long swipe to dump mails into trash. A short swipe brings up a menu while the leftward swipe is a bit complex.

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