Mega Launches its Cloud Storage App For Android Devices

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Kim Dotcom the founder of the highly controversial Megaupload - file hosting and sharing online service, opened the cloud storage service called Mega in January 2013. Now the app version of the service is available for Android phones on Google Play. Apparently, even the iOS and Windows 8 version are also on the app.

Mega Launches its Cloud Storage App For Android Devices

The application is a cloud storage service that offers 50 GB of secure storage for free. The app is said to allow users to upload files of any kind, fully encrypted. The keys to the encrypted files will be provided to the users. To use the app you will have to sign up for an account from Mega. The app allows you to upload and download files from your android device. You will also be able to delete, rename or move them.

Moving on, the app lets you search for files within your mega account. You will also be able to create public links to the files in your account. The camera sync feature of the app allows you to upload your photos and videos to MEGA automatically. Guess the 50 GB limit has struck the eyes of many, the app has been receiving good reviews from users and has a average rating of 4.3 on Google play. which provided cloud storage services had become a very popular site back in the days, having 50 million daily visitors. It is estimated that the site was 3th most popular site on the internet. However, the site was used by people to store and access copies of TV shows, feature films, songs, porn, and software. Megaupload along with other sites associated with it was shut down by the United States Department of Justice due copyright infringement.

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