Microsoft Windows Blue Rumored to Bring Back Start Button and Boot to Desktop

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TheWindows blue update, probably is one of the most rumored topics in the tech world today. After the recent rumor that the update would indeed be called Windows 8.1, there is a new one lurking in the corner. Apparently, Microsoft might be bringing back the popular Start button with the update, after receiving a no of feedbacks from Windows 8 users. The start button is definitely one of the most convenient utility of older Windows operating systems.

Microsoft Windows Blue Rumored to Bring Back Start Button

The news comes from Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet, who is known to be reliable source. However, she does say that nothing is fully confirmed, but the feature might might nudged into the update which is expected to release around August 2013.

There is also news that Microsoft might be bringing back the boot to Metro-Style Start menu, option, with the new update. Once again this feature is also is said to be a step taken by the company, as a solution to user dissatisfaction.

The word is, the two UI changes weren't exactly the part of the plan initially. However, the company might have decided to introduce them, somewhere in the middle, to comply with user feadback.

The public version of that preview, which is expected to go live around June, should give a clearer perspective on what exactly will the new update will bring to the table.

Do you think the two UI changes will make any difference to your mindset, in using the Microsoft's latest operating system? Let us know in the comments section below.

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