New iOS 7 Latest Concept Video Shows Panorama Backgrounds, Quick Reply and Enhanced Siri

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Christian Lue and Ran Avni from ConceptsiPhone have created a video showcasing their concept design of the iOS 7. The design envisions various improvements, such as Panorama Backgrounds, Quick Reply, Enhanced Siri Capabilities, Improved Music Player, Thumbnail Icons for Folders, Better Settings Control and a Flat UI.

New iOS 7 Latest Concept Video Shows Panorama Backgrounds, Quick Reply

The designs feature a Panoramic wallpaper, with the right image it could give the phone a miniature window look. It would be like you are looking outside.

The folder icons have been redesigned, they sort of look like Firefox OS icons .

The Quick Reply feature which is showcased could be a valuable addition to the idevices. Easy responce to messages can make things so much simpler.

The design also features a even more smarter SIRI which can turn on Wi-Fi, LTE on command. It will be able to place an order for pizza for you or call for a taxi. It will also be capable of uploading pictures on flicker or instagram for you. It will even be able to translate words or sentences to different languages and can give you a wake up call on a set time.These are some features that could prove to be a boon for iDevice users.

Moving on the design features a Music app with a handy set of new features, which can really change the way you listen to music.

The entire operating system seams fallow a more flat design, which once again slightly resembles the firefox operating system. Could this be the future of iOS, Well, we could soon find out at the WWDC 2013, which is set to happen on June 10th.. Exceptions are high on Apple unveiling it's new operating system on this day.

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