Nokia Launches Venues Here: Indoor Mapping Service In India

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Nokia has announced the launch of it's venue-based map service in India. HERE Venue offers specific details on venues, like the location of a particular store in a mall, location of elevators or product offers, amongst others. The facility to be available for over 20 cities in India including Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and others. The service currently offers details on shopping malls and is likely to extend to airports.

Nokia Launches Venues Here: Indoor Mapping Service In India

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"Here Venue" which has been introduced under "Here" - Nokia's mapping service will be available across Nokia's Lumia and Asha range of handsets. Although ‘Here' services are available across iOS and Android platforms, the "Venues Here" will only be available for available for Nokia devices.

How to use the Venue-based maping service?

If indoor map of the venue is available, you can view it by hitting the grey building icon.

To select the floor in the building, tap the floor icon in the map view.

To view the details of a place inside the building, tap the desired place in the indoor map.

To return back to the normal map view, tap the map area outside the building.

Nokia already offer indoor maping service via Navteq destination maps. The service was announced back in 2012 with maps of 150 malls across 17 cities in India. This could mean that the phone-maker will be integrating the the this service with "Venues Here".

Google also introduced a similar service with Google Maps Indoors, which offered venue based details places like Airports, Shopping Malls and retail stores through its Android Maps app. Google also introduced Google Business Photos to their Google Maps, which offered 360 degree view of the interiors of places such as offices, restaurants, showrooms, amongst other places.

Microsoft's Bing Maps also offers similar mapping solutions. The service was launched in 2012 with 900 venue maps including interiors maps of malls, airports, casinos and shopping districts.

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