'Omlet' App Could Be a Game-Changer For Smartwatches

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With the Google I/O conference starting today where the company will be announcing a number of Android Wear devices from Samsung, LG and Motorola, most of the app developers have already been working hard enough to get their apps ready for the new OS, which will be running on the wearable Android devices from different brands.

 'Omlet' App Could Be a Game-Changer For Smartwatches

One of the apps, that have come to our notice is 'Omlet,' which is developed by Stanford professor Monica Lam. The app page is already live and its available for Android and iOS devices as well.

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Why is Stanford professor Monica Lam's 'Omlet' app a possible game-changer for any new smartwatch using Android Wear?

Without compelling apps to use on each device, even the most advanced smartwatch from LG, Motorola, or Samsung become not much more than a feature phone on your wrist with a very small screen.

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But with Omlet-- a messaging app that looks simple on the surface, but has a radically different and advanced underlying structure compared to other chat apps -- any 'Android Wear' smartwatch instantly becomes a surprisingly powerful tool:

Cross-Platform Messaging

Because Omlet allows any smartwatch user to instantly communicate with other wearable tech devices running on other operating systems, the app transforms a smartwatch into a communications hub.

A Platform for Other Third-Party Apps

Because Omlet creates a platform that other developers can use to quickly release their own HTML5 apps on 'Android Wear' devices, Omlet is helping bring about a richer app ecosystem for new wearable tech devices.

Moreover, this particular app offers unlimited free messaging with control over your data. No one likes ads that seem like someone's been reading your messages. Omlet is free of that.

You will also get a location based chats for instant conversations nearby. So you can also start a chat on the spot to create photos albums with anyone nearby-- even people not in your address book.

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