Opera Quits Desktop Browser Adopts Webkit

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It's now official! Opera, the desktop browser had called it a day. The company had announced its exit after a two decade long stint in browser business. The company has also announced that it is coming up with a webkit engine specific for mobiles. The announcement is not something surprising and the desktop browser is completely out of business. It is said that Opera will go on to support Chromium, the open source version of leading browser Google Chrome.

Opera Quits Desktop Browser Adopts Webkit

The official announcement of quitting of the browser hints that the browser will no longer be producing a layout engine in HTML or Presto. The company for now is considering integrating its label with the open source version of Google Chrome, Chromium and calling it the desktop browser. There are not many details available on its integration with chromium as of now. However, there are hints left about what is to come next.

Opera now is officially absent from the scene, for users it is the death of a desktop browser but for the company it may turn out good. The move to quit from the browser business is expected to do something great for the company but it is unlikely that the company will be the same.

The company as of now is relatively new without its own browser engine or its own desktop browser. It simply supports the browser Chromium and calls it its own browser. When it comes to mobile platform, another company which had introduced a webkit engine and integrated some UI elements to it.

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