Pokki Start Menu App for Windows 8 Witnesses Over 1.5 Million Downloads

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The Start screen on Windows 8 OS is one of the most debated features of the OS which has replaced Start Menu available since Windows 95. Third party developers seem to have utilized the situation to their advantage as demonstrated by Pokki. Pokki has bet on the computing environment offered by Windows 8 to offer the company's own Start Menu app to make the environment a more familiar working environment for the people.

Pokki developers have claimed that the user downloads for the company's Start Menu app has crossed the 1.5 million mark. Statistics apparently show that the app is opened at least ten times per day by the average user.

This gigantic figure has immense significance since the app from Pokki actually replaces the start Menu that has been removed in the new OS to favor a new Start screen. This figure can be seen as a sign of mild rebuke from the people regarding the change in interface that Microsoft brought into effect.

Pokki Start Menu App for Windows 8 Witnesses Over 1.5 Million Download

According to a blog post of the company, the high figures show that users enjoy accessing their apps directly from the deskyop.

The current download figure achieved by the app is impressive since the number of downloads was just 500,000 on December 20. This puts the downloading average to over 38,000 per day. At this rate, Pokki will turn out to be a marketplace for app developers to target Windows 8 platform.

In the latest iteration from the company, Pokki has changed its acorn-icon seen on the lower left to something that looks like the official Windows button. The update also features several tweaks for the layout making the app more user-friendly.

Download Pokki Start Menu app for Windows 8 from here.



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