CES 2013: Imagination Technologies Announces Power VR series 6 Mobile GPU

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Imagination Technologies, a leading multimedia technologies company, announced a set of advanced API extensions for its existing PowerVR Series5XT (SGX) GPUs, giving application processors using the technology, and mobile and embedded devices based on them, access to some of the features that would otherwise be only available on future APIs on next generation GPUs.

Power VR series 6 mobile GPU was showcased by the company, Imagination Technologies last week but a glimpse at it did not help the users gauge the potential of the IP core. The company let the users see only a test chip on a FPGA board. The chip has a bandwidth of 1 GB/s.

CES 2013: Imagination Technologies Announces Power VR series 6 Mobile

A partner of Imagination Technologies, LG, has now given approval and the users can watch what the Series 6 mobile GPU can do on a board designed for HDTV. The company also brought in a glimpse of Series5XT GPU, along with Series 6 which has been updated with some recent API extensions. The extensions do not demand any hardware changes or additional cost.

The new extensions are sure to improve the capabilities of current day technology and application processors. The extensions provide features such as occlusion queries; cube maps which are seamless, floating point textures, GLSL-full floating point precision, multiple render targets, multi sample render buffers, max/min blends, and R and RG textures.

The PowerVR series 6 IP core uses advanced technology to set up a high standard of performance and low power GPU cores which enable the users to experience high end computing and gaming. The new series also enables users to experience realistic gaming and involves new applications.

This is something from the advanced content creation and image processing technologies. It showcases high efficiency compression technology, an advanced scalable computing architecture, housekeeping processors, lowest memory bandwidth and high performance per mW.


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