Samsung ChatON Version 2.0.5 Update: Gets Multi Image Transfers and Enhanced Tablet Support

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In a recent development, Samsung has updated its cross-platform service ChatON to version 2.0. With the update, the app has received a number of improvements such as syncing across devices, multiple image messaging, new social features and enhanced support for tablet users.

Further, the service will also offer multi-image transfers and better integration with social networks. ChatON is now available in more than 200 countries and over 60 languages. The messaging service is available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Samsung ChatON Version 2.0.5 Update: Gets Multi Image Transfers

ChatON v2.0.5 update includes:

  • Sign in with Samsung account: All connected devices receive the same message simultaneously
  • Move Special buddy to More menu
  • Improvement of My Page: Multiple profile images & Comment on PostON
  • Change font style of chat room
  • Send multiple images at once
  • Send Anicon/Animessage+text

[For tablets] ChatON Tablet v1.9.3 update includes:

  • Walkie-talkie [push-to-talk]
  • Improvement to My Page
  • Add image effects
  • Add group profile editing
  • Add members of chat room as a group
  • Add typing status

Samsung has also enhanced the app by making improvements to the social network-like ‘My Page' feature, that includes offline support enabling comments to be posted even when there's no Internet connection (though they are not published until the devices goes online). Moreover, for tablet users, an option of push-to-talk voice messaging has been provided besides number of other editing and settings-related changes.

ChatOn Android is now available for download.

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