Samsung Partners With EA to Expand Samsung App Store Contents

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The Korean-based Samsung recently surprised game buffs and developers with an unusual strategy of teaming up with one of the most popular video game giants, Electronic Arts (EA games). Reportedly, Samsung's idea is to work with EA to expand the juvenile Samsung App store.

Samsung and EA are to launch the ‘100% Indie' program in March, surprising freelance game developers from all around the World. Samsung reportedly came up with this name so as to convey their plan to let independent game developers work for them to expand the App Store and keep 100% of their games' revenue for themselves in the process.

Samsung Partners With EA to Expand Samsung App Store Contents

However, the Indie developers who are ready to work with Samsung can only enjoy the ‘100% revenue deal', for the first 6 months. Samsung will start sharing the revenue after 6 months, taking 10 percent. And after a year, Samsung's share of the revenue will go up to 20%. As this program isn't exclusive, reports say that the developers can release their products in other stores or bring existing products to Samsung's App Store.

Chillingo, a small division of EA Games, is reported to be in charge of the whole program. According to Chillingo, the team-up has a good chance to influence the course of history, as other platforms like Apple and Google only give a 30% cut to the developers from their products' revenue. Chris Byatte, Co-founder of Chillingo, said that they encourage not just Indie developers but also experienced heavy hitters to work with Samsung and EA.


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