Samsung's Tizen Powered Smartphone Coming Soon: 5 Key Features to Keep in Mind

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Tizen has been in development for some time now. And although we have seen some phones running it at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February, we are still far away from owning one. However, that day might not be as far off as you think.

Reports are already claiming that Samsung could be set to launch its first ever Tizen-powered smartphone in the country by December this year. And this may not be that big a surprise since Samsung has anyway been touted to release a smartphone as such.

Samsung's Tizen Powered Smartphone Coming Soon: 5 Key Features

However, while we wait for the first Tizen smartphone, here's a look at the best features that will be on offer with the OS. Here are the 5 best.

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It's HTML 5-based

In case you didn't know, Tizen is a HTML5-based operating system. And while that's not a big deal for most, it's a rather welcoming news for all the developers. Apparently, the platform will allow for shorter development cycles and is also quite cost effective. Also, it means more intuitive web applications for phones and tablets running the OS.

The Apps

The popularity of an operating system is usually determined by the number of apps in support of it. However, the good news here is that Tizen will support almost all native and web apps. In fact, existing Bada apps will also be ported over for the OS. Games like Asphalt 7 are already in contention.

Tizen is Open Source

Tizen is a Linux-based platform that Samsung developed in association with Intel. The OS is more of a MeeGo sort of an ecosystem that Nokia earlier ditched. Also, it's open source nature is set to allow hardware manufacturers to easily adopt and play around with the interface and the UI.

More than Smartphones

If you thought Tizen is only meant for smartphone, you couldn't be wrong enough. On the contrary, this OS aims at an unified experience across a host of devices. Hence, expect to see it on TVs and laptops in a few years. At least, that's what's been said by Samsung Electronics co-CEO J.K. Shin.

Expect it to be Market Ready

Tizen may just be starting off in the race, but expect millions of applications to be made available in the market before the final rollout of handsets with the OS. Hence, a number of Tizen developers are already feeling confident on the prospects of the new OS.

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