Shadow Kings Game For Android, iOS and Broswer Launched [Free Download Here]

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Back in July 2014, Goodgame Studios, one of the successful publishers of browser and mobile games, announced its latest mobile game- Shadow Kings. The new title is a free MMO building and strategy game in a popular fantasy setting. Shadow Kings has now released for Android, iOS devices along with desktop browser. You can download the latest game from, which is one of the first game sites to have it.

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Shadow Kings Game For Android, iOS, Broswer Launched [Free Download]

Moreover, you can also download or play games like Goodgame Big Farm and Goodgame Empire from for free.

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Talking about the Shadow Kings, it is a game that involves fantasy kingdom, men, elves and dwarves. The story, in short, is that after decades of preparation, an army of orcs, goblins and trolls launches an invasion, and are threatening to bring ruin to the once peaceful world. The game allows players to create their own cities in a vibrant world with beautiful graphics.

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The first challenge is to produce resources and work on building up their settlement. To withstand the dark powers, players can build up an army, conquer enemy outposts and fight epic battles. Playing together in alliances and navigating complex diplomatic possibilities demand strategic skill, while regular events and new content ensure lasting enjoyment.

Dr. Christian Wawrzinek, COO and co-founder of Goodgame Studios, said, "Shadow Kings is the first game we have released that has been designed and developed with a mobile platform in mind right from the very start. We can't wait to see how the players will conquer our new fantasy world."

Optimal usability and touchscreen navigation was a key focus in the development of Shadow Kings. Both mobile and browser versions are set in the vibrant game world with animated inhabitants and buildings in 3D, with smooth performance and popular community features. Although the versions for mobile and browser are closely related, they are not identical, and accounts will not be transferable between the two versions.

You can click here to download Shadow Kings on your smartphone.

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