'Sometimes You Die' iOS Puzzle Game Officially Released

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Here's one for all you hardcore mobile gamers looking to indulge yourselves in a mind numbing puzzle game every now and then. A new iOS puzzler dubbed 'Sometimes You Die' has been released, with the developer also claiming that the game is nothing like what you have seen (or played) until now.

Developed by Philipp Stollenmayer, this new puzzle title offers gamers more than 70 unique puzzles in order to progress through the game. Users will also find out sometimes that the only way to achieve the target for the character is via a small black cube, that is, to "die."

'Sometimes You Die' iOS Puzzle Game Officially Released

"In a game, you die. And imply that it has no effect on you. You feel invincible in the realm behind the screen. This one is different. In this game, you have to die," the official description states.

The app is currently available on the Apple-based App Store and has been optimized for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The new app promises users "unique gameplay" while bringing over a fresh new gaming formula for the players. The new game puts players in control of a cube that can travel left, right, or up by jumping.

The aim here is to get through level after level, while confronting with an odd selection of questions which are then read aloud via quite a sinister sounding computerized voice (actually reminds you of the old Superman villains).

The app, as mentioned earlier, promises more than 70 levels, alongside some "hidden content" as well, alongside the fact that it's free of in-app purchases. Sometimes You Die can be downloaded currently on the App Store.

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