SoundSynk: Students Develop App To Play Same Music Syncing Multiple Phones

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A group of students from Exeter University have developed an app that can allow any number of smartphones to play music simultaneously. The team won $50,000 as the first prize in innovation at the Imagine Cup, a student technology competition sponsored by Microsoft.

Students Develop App To Play Same Music Syncing Multiple Phones

SoundSynk as it is called, the app will be available across all platforms in August and will be free to use. BBC reports that the app has so far been tested on 75 devices.

The guys behind the app, Edward Noel, Rob Parker, Alex Bochenski and Jonathan Neuman were presented with the grand prize by Doctor Who star Matt Smith in St Petersburg.

"With this technology, we can create hyper-local social networks," said Parker.

"SoundSynk is the first practical use of this technology and we are all very excited about its future applications." he added.

The app can connect devices via Bluetooth, so there is no requirement for speakers or Wi-Fi. The team apparently took only 48 hours to come up with the app idea and the prototype. The team sat down to brainstorm for an idea for Imagine Cup, DJ Calvin Harris was playing music on a laptop and the students wanted it to be louder. So they try to line up Laptops together to play music at the same time, but they never manage to get it in synk. Thus an idea of an app syncing multiple devices was borne.

BBC reports that the biggest test of the app will happen at the end of August when it will be showcased at a performance at the Reading Festival.

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