Twitter App for Android and iOS Devices Updated With Inline Image Viewing

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Twitter has recently updated its app for both the Android (v 4.1.9) and iOS (v5.12) devices with a new in-line preview.

Twitter App Updated for Android and iOS Devices

With the new update, the users will be able to see the tweets that have images and videos in-line. The users can just tap to see more of the photo or play the video.

Thus opening images no longer requires you to click or tap the links in tweets, you can simply enlarge it from the preview directly from your feed. You can turn off the image previews from the settings.

You can also reply, retweet or favorite a Tweet easily from your timeline just by a tap. Twitter for Android and iPhone got conversations view back in August.

Take a look at the new features of the updated Twitter App:

Tweets with Twitter photos, Vine videos, and other select content will now show up in a preview in your home timeline. The users can simply tap the image to reveal the full screen version. Users are also enabled to tweet a picture without text and let the image say it all.

You can reply, retweet, favorite, or follow someone straight from a Tweet in your home timeline.

You can download the Twitter for Android or Twitter for iPhone from here.


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