UC Browser HD 3.0 for Android Brings Out the Benefits of Your Big Screen Device

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UCWeb, one of the top player in the mobile browser application, today released its latest Browser HD 3.0 for Android, featuring major upgrades to this specially designed for big screens mobile browser. In particular, UC Browser HD 3.0 has been developed to bring perfect support for video and gesture control on tablets (and phablets).

UC Browser HD 3.0 Launched With Benefits For Big Screen Android Device

This new release comes alongside some interesting developments in the tablet market. According to a new study from technology research firm Gartner, Android tablet sales grew 127% in 2013 and overtook iOS to become the best selling tablet OS with 62% of the market share. With the number of Android tablet users growing rapidly, UCWeb is continuing to focus efforts on providing them with the best possible browsing experience.

UC Browser HD 3.0 Launched With Benefits For Big Screen Android Device

Why go HD?

When it comes to choosing a mobile browser, Android users have many options, but how many of those browsers are designed and developed exclusively for tablets and large screen phones? With the added screen real estate comes additional requirements necessary for a great browsing experience - larger icons, bigger fonts, and better gesture control just to name a few.

With UC Browser HD 3.0, the developers at UCWeb took into consideration hardware specifications and usage scenarios that are unique to tablets. The result is a browser that is uniquely suited for big screen devices. With a gesture controlled video player and gesture controlled browsing, as well as intelligent text zoom, page preloader and cloud sync capability, UC Browser HD 3.0 will truly bring out the benefits of having a big screen device.

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A smart built-in video player

A bigger screen means a better video viewing experience. UC Browser HD 3.0 comes with an intuitive video player that makes your video viewing experience even better.

With so many different video sites on the web, each with its own video player and ways to adjust volume, playback and settings, it can be frustrating dealing with all the variety. UC Browser HD 3.0's video player replaces all of these and presents you with a unified video playing experience. It detects the videos on a web page and activates the built-in player which offers you gesture control over the video you're playing. Volume, brightness and playback progress of the video can be adjusted with a single finger slide. For instance, you can turn down/up the volume by sliding your finger vertically on the right side of the screen.

Multi-Touch Gestures

With a tablet you get more screen real estate, but on the other hand, it is harder to pick out something specific on the screen - like a Back or Forward button.

The gestures in UC Browser HD solve this problem by allowing a more intuitive navigation. There's no need to find and tap a button: you can switch tabs by swiping two fingers to the left/right, and open or close a tab by swiping up or down. In addition, you can go forward/backward through a web page by swiping one finger to the left/right. It just makes browsing on a big screen a whole lot easier.

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Intelligent Text Zoom for easier reading

On tablets, web pages typically zoom out to fit the screen, resulting in the text becoming too small to read. UC Browser HD automatically magnifies the text on web pages with a text body, such as news articles and forums. There's no more need to zoom in to enlarge text. This convenient feature aims to protect your eyes and provide you with a better reading experience.

Page Preloader and Cloud Sync

Can't wait to open the next page? Page Preloader comes in handy if you are reading a paged article, or checking the status of your friends on Facebook. It creates a seamless reading experience with the next page being automatically loaded while you are reading the current page. With Cloud Sync, you can synchronize your bookmarks between multiple devices using your Google, Facebook, or UC account.

UC Browser HD 3.0 also features fast browsing and downloading speeds. It is a must have browser for your tablet. Download it from Google Play and try it out!

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