Upcoming Windows 9 Platform Spotted Via Newly Leaked Screenshots

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While the planet revels over the release of the more and more new smartphones and smart wearables, making technology easier on the go, the PC industry is still moving ahead with its set of ideologies. And obviously so with Microsoft operating behind it big time.

The Redmond-based tech giant is currently occupied with everything related to the Windows 8 and the Windows Phone 8.1 platform. But the day isn't far off when we get to see the next iteration in the series. At least, that's what the recently leaked screenshots for Windows 9 have suggested.

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Upcoming Windows 9 Platform Spotted Via Newly Leaked Screenshots

A boatload of leaked screenshots from the next version of Windows were recently leaked online. The leaked images claim that this is a leaked build of "Threshold," also known as Windows 9, that Microsoft sent over to its partners.

So as it seems, the new Windows 9 have taken some features from the current generation Windows 8 and have altered them into a sort of classic desktop offering. And although we had this faintest of ideas that Microsoft has indeed started working on the platform, this is the first instance where we are actually seeing something to come up for it.

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The new screenshots, brought to light first via Computer Base and WinFuture.de, have offered a massive detail on what we should be expecting from the platform on release. For starters, when running in windowed mode, the Windows Store apps will get a button in the top-left corner.

"Clicking the button brings up a list of functions that previously appeared in the Charms bar, including Search, Share, Play, Project and Settings. This menu lets users switch the app to full screen mode as well," explains a PCWorld report.

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Apparently, the company is even adding a few new buttons to the desktop taskbar. There's a search button that's placed immediately to the right of the Start button, followed by a button for switching between multiple desktops.

"The latter feature, possibly called 'virtual desktops,' will let users switch between several sets of desktop apps and layouts in nod to Ubuntu Linux's longstanding 'Workspaces'," the report adds.

But then again, these details remian open to changes before the final release of the platform. Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

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