uTorrent for Android 1.14 Available for Download

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uTorrent is now available for download for the android 1.14 users and the application makes downloading simpler. You can download it here. The users can now download the torrents directly to their android smartphones.

If you are travelling, then downloading this version can be a better option as you can subscribe to RSS feeds, play content and more by downloading uTorrent to your smartphone. The outstanding feature of this new version is that the usage is easy, fast and free. Further, it overcomes the limit criteria of speed and size for downloads on your mobile. The application is still in its preliminary stage and the developers and BitTorrent, have high hopes surrounding it.

uTorrent for Android 1.14 Available for Download

The new version is designed to avoid increasing data charges for a better performance by using Wi-Fi whenever possible. So whenever you are outside Wi-Fi area, this new feature pauses download activity. You do not have to worry about manually restoring the download once you are back in Wi-Fi accessible area, because it will automatically do this. It was created with efficiency as the prime factor. It has a size of 1.6 MB.

It certainly, takes advantage of the Wi-Fi only mode. The new application claims to provide solutions to crashes and bugs although the developers have not divulged much on that till date. All we know is that this version has taken care of a lot of the stability issues from the previous version. You can go to the Google play store and get uTorrent 1.13 for free. uTorrent is compatible with android 2.1 and higher versions.

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