Vine: Twitter Video-sharing App Has a Pornographic Issue

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Vine, the video-sharing app which was recently launched by Twitter has come under the scanner for being filled with adult content. The video-sharing app lacks restrictions and is easy to use which allows many racy users to post porn contents.

Twitter allows users to search contents with a hash tag and this allowed the techies to realize the problem quickly. A quick scan of the term resulted in a number of sexual tags popping out along with an array of dirty videos.

The sources pointed out that it is due to the censorship-free attitude of Twitter and this will stop only when a legal problem arises. Sexual content is not banned explicitly in the video-sharing website.

Vine: Twitter Video-sharing App Has a Pornographic Issue

The users now have only one way to regulate the content and that is by marking a video inappropriate. This tag is certainly not going to get the video removed from the site. A video marked under inappropriate category will only give a warning before the particular video is viewed but still continue to run on vine.

The terms of service of the video-sharing website says it is only the users who are responsible for the contents posted in the website. The snippet from Vine's ToS read that the users are responsible for the use of services. It also read that the users should only post contents which they feel is okay for sharing with others.

The iPhone maker, Apple, on the other hand, has strict policies over its contents. Apple blocks all offensive and sexual content. Viewing sexual content and nude pictures are very easy with Twitter and Chrome. The only difference is that Chrome sends out a warning message, Twitter does not.

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