VLC for Windows 8 to be Released in March 2013

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The developers of VLC had earlier confirmed that they would soon release a dedicated version of VLC for Windows 8. However, details of the same have been made available only now.

Even though VideoLAN had not divulged many details about the proposed project, they did say that the dedicated version of VLC for Windows 8 would arrive roughly three months after the Kickstarter campaign for fundraising comes to an end.

The campaign drew success surpassing the required goal just a few hours ago. If it is to go by what VideoLAN has said, the new version would be out by March, 2013.

VLC developers had launched a campaign at Kickstarter which enjoyed tremendous success with donations surpassing the set goal of 40,000 ($64,600 / €49,000) with 5 more days to go for the campaign to end. The fundraiser was launched in order to allow the developers at VideoLAN to work on the proposed new version of VLC on a full-time basis.

VLC for Windows 8 to be Released in March 2013

The developers said that VLC for Windows will efficiently utilize the new GUI from Microsoft and a second release is also slated to happen for Windows RT tablets. The existing version of VLC is available for PCs based on Intel and runs on the desktop mode of Windows 8..

VLC to be launched for Windows 8 will offer support for VCDs and DVDs ‘out of the box' and also support unencrypted Blu-ray discs. The already existing features such as subtitle support, equalizer and video filters will also find its way into the new version.

A prototype version of VLC has already been released for Windows 8 with the final version not slated for release until March. The developers see the inclusion of the new version of VLC in Microsoft's Windows Store as the biggest challenge they would be facing.


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