Whatsapp for Android: New Version With Holo UI Released

By: Gizbot Bureau

Whatsapp team is now ready with an update and the new update hints at an elegant Holo interface to the app. The update may be a little late, but it is expected that the update will bring improvements. The developers were seen releasing the new version of APK on their own website. The update remained absent on Google Play.

The new APK version brings a new interface to the convenience of users and in addition it tries to fix some of the critical security issues with the app. The update carries the version number 2.9.2239. The version of app that is found in Google Play is 2.9.1547. The new version will be available in Google Play in a short time, but, users who do not want to wait for the update can well install it manually onto their Android phones.

Whatsapp for Android: New Version With Holo UI Released

Whatsapp, is a messenger app that allows to remain in touch with their contacts using the data connection available on phones. The service for now is free for Android users and users can also have the luxury of enjoying it for free up to a period of one year. The app is charged at $0.99(Rs.55/- approx), after a year and users have to pay to continue using the app for their messaging needs.

The app is now quite popular among users and it enables them to use it with ease. With the SMS tariff being hiked by mobile service providers in India, users find the app a convenient mode of messaging and and also enjoy the recent update.

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