Whatsapp For Windows Phone Gets Major Update, Brings In Various Fixes

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Whatsapp for Window Phone Platform was in some desperate need of an update. The app has been notoriously buggy and has left many users feeling disappointed. In what might seem like an act of redemption, a new major update has been rolled out the popular messenger app which brings various fixes and changes.

Whatsapp For Windows Phone Gets Major Update, Brings In Various Fixes

Key Fixes and Changes

Initiate voice calls from within the app

Background API allows you to play music

Proper Emoji

Fixed notifications for users

Users can now see smileys on the double wide tile

Double wide tiles now have text on them, rather then just a number, when a notification arrives.

Fast resume- allows users to navigate back to the app from the tile without having to loading the app once again.

On start-up, it now asks if you want to back up your chat history. You can also do this through settings.

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The update has been getting a lot lot of love-hate reviews from users. Some are saying, there are still a lot of problems that needs to be fixed and there are also reports that the app drains more battery power now. There are also people who think the update is great and solves many issues they have had. After all the app was virtually unusable before. There are also reports that Whatsapp is working on new update for WP platform which could bring new design overhaul and other major fixes. For now you can download the latest version of Whatsapp for WP8 and WP7.5 on Windows Phone Store.


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