Windows Phone 10 Leaks Online; Release Likely in January

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Microsoft's own Windows Phone operating system, comparatively, is still in its nascent stages. While the likes of Google Android and Apple iOS are already soaring, this Microsoft-based platform is also expected to catch up with the crowd soon.

While the previously released Windows Phone 8.1 saw a lot of enthusiasm across a host of smartphone makers, reports coming out of China are now claiming that Microsoft has not only completed development of a Windows Phone 10 build, it is now testing it online as well.

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Windows Phone 10 Leaks Online; Release Likely in January

Sure the final details for the same are missing for the time being. But this new leak comes as a sign that the operating system indeed exists and could be officially confirmed by the company is the coming months. However, the public release for the OS' early build may not be far off.

"The version appearing in logs is Windows Phone 8.15, while the latest release available to Preview for Developers users is 8.10.14203, so there's no doubt that this is an updated smartphone platform which could see daylight sometime in the near future," a Softpedia report states.

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As of now, Microsoft is said to hold a Windows 10 event in late January. Moreover, people close to the matter have also revealed that the company "is likely to unveil the first Consumer Preview build of the upcoming desktop operating system, but we're also hearing that more new products are on the table right now," the report adds.

As expected, details about the features that could be included in Windows Phone 10 Preview have been provided until now. However, people close to the development plans have hinted that Microsoft could look to merge the tablet and smartphone platforms in a single operating system. This is meant to power both type of devices.

The newly revealed plans are yet to be confirmed by Microsoft, although Windows 10 is very likely to be released in mid-2015. Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

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