Windows Store Cracks 40,000 Metro Apps Amid Slowdown

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Windows Store currently holds over 40,000 apps with the application store reaching the mark recently. It had been predicted by Microsoft that the Windows Store will reach the 100,000 mark in the month of February, three months after Windows RT/8 has been launched. However, the prediction seems to be off the mark but the initial app growth in the Windows Store is impressive all the same.

According to MetroStore Scanner, the main reason for the less-than-expected figure is the app growth slowdown, especially due to the holiday season. Initially there were more than 400 apps being added to the Store daily. However, currently the apps are being added to the Store only at the rate of around 156 apps per day.

Windows Store Cracks 40,000 Metro Apps Amid Slowdown

The growth of the number of apps in the Store and its landmark of 40,000 apps is momentous since this is an impressive growth in just three months from the launch, when compared to the other application stores.

There have been a number of Windows 8 and Windows RT devices that were launched during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013. As such, the devices will soon hit the market and the demand for apps for the platforms will rise. Developers will step up their efforts to make apps for the Windows 8 and RT operating systems and the Store is expected to hit the predicted 100,000 apps mark by the fall.
Given the head-start that Apple's iTunes Store and Google Play Store seems to be having, Microsoft should double the quality of the apps in the Windows Store to increase its growth pace in terms of popularity and reliability.


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