Windows Phone 8 Struggles on Large File Transfers

By: Gizbot Bureau

Windows Phone 8 is considered to be the best mobile operating system by many users. However a new report says the version was found with certain issues during the transfer of large video files to another device or PC. Users are hoping Microsoft to fix this issue at the earliest possible. Any video file larger than 4GB is reported to have been affecting the video recording capabilities of the product. . At the same time, recording larger video files can be done with ease using this operating system. The report first surfaced in Wmpoweruser.

SkyDrive on the other hand also does not extend support for larger files. This is what results in users facing difficulty in copying these larger files into another device. Users will be able to record only 30 minutes of the video which will fill up the 4GB space in case they record in full HD resolution. The main problem with this bug is that if users record a video of 7GB, then they will not be able to copy the first 4GB of the video file they have recorded. However they will be able to copy only the second portion of the recorded file after 4GB which will count up to the end portion of 3GB. This 3GB file also will not be played properly.

The Drag and Drop functionality of Windows Phone 8 Windows Phone Client also does not help in the transfer of these larger video files. Several user complaints still remain unanswered at The user's main concern is related to the new file system, which is said to might have been limiting the individual sizes of files.

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