10 Free Apps in Android Play Store for Free Calls

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Tired of making calls or spending your credit on domestic calls? As the era of using actual land line telephones have come to an end, Apps have been developed which allows you to make free calls to your friends and families. These apps don't charge you a penny or don't have any restriction on the number of calls made but solely depends on data connection and wireless connectivity. Smartphone Android apps developers have tried to make each and everything free for high end devices as many surveys potray that users like to download apps which is absolutely free as Android OS has no restrictions at all.

10 Free Apps in Android Play Store for Free Calls

In the world of technology there are many such apps which allow you to make free calls or send free SMS but, how many of us are aware of such apps exist in the store or market until they flash up in an advertisement or news?

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So in this list we'll take a look at the ten best free Android apps to make free calls on Android!

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Facebook Messenger


Facebook Messenger is a stand-alone app that allows you to chat with your Facebook friends and send SMS and text messages to any contact on your phone. The application also allows you to make free calls to other Facebook Messenger users



KakaoTalk is one of the best VoIP and SMS apps available. Using your phone number, KakaoTalk creates a user profile that is connected to it allowing for calls and messages.

LINE: Free Calls & Messages


Line is another popular option to make free calls on Android. It currently sports over 400 million users worldwide and contains a lot of nifty features. One of which is free phone calls to other Line users.

Magic App


This is one of the more unique apps on the list in that magicApp by magicJack actually does allow you call non-magicApp users for free. However, there are regional restrictions. If you live in the US or Canada, you can make free calls to just about anyone.



Nimbuzz allows you to make calls, chat online, exchange instant messages and send files from your phone for free.



Tango allows you to make voice and video calls for free on your Android phone. You can also use the app to send instant messages, share photos, play games, and even listen to music.



Viber allows you to make free calls, video chat, and send free text messages from your Android device to anyone who has the app installed over 3G or WiFi. It also supports free text messaging



Fring provides you with a single platform on your mobile where you can chat with your friends over VOIP, instant messaging and social networks

Mr Number


Mr. Number provides fancy features compare to other apps like call and text (SMS) blocking. Block one number or the word, always know who is trying to reach you with crowd sourced Caller ID, let people know when you're free and when you're sending all calls to voice mail.

Yahoo Messenger Plug In


This app is simply a plugin for the Yahoo Messenger app, which allows you to do free video and voice calls. It works with Android 2.2 and above. It's just that simple. So you'll need to have the Yahoo Messenger app installed to use this plug in as well.

Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

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