10 Free, Useful Android Apps That Are Not Available on Apple iPhones

There are a bucketful of apps present for both iOS as well as Android. These Apps help you keep your device organised and coordinated.

But as Android makers do some exclusive things with their Apps that Apple would never do, these little tweaks turn out to be the main attraction of the Apps.

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Listed below are 10 such 'Super Apps' that iPhone users will crave to have but cannot.

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Buzz Launcher

The Buzz launcher is an alternative for the Android Homescreen. It is extremely easy to use and has a lot of themes and gives your Homescreen a brand new look.

Google Now Launcher

If you have a device that uses its own UI like a Samsung or an HTC device, you can install Google Launcher and make your Homescreen look a lot more cleaner.

Link Bubble Browser

With the Link Bubble Browser you can be always connected to social media, these tabs will load in your browser's background while you carry on with your normal browsing.

Mighty Text

If you are involved in a lot of messaging and you need to frequently reach your device in office then this App is for you. It allows you to access your messages or answer to any text messages on a PC, MAC or Android Tablet.


FoxFi turns your phone into a portable HotSopt without your carrier knowing. You do not have to pay any extra fee for a tethering plan. The App uses a VPN to mask activity from your carrier.

Everything Me

If being organised is what you like in your life, then this app suits you perfectly. This launcher sorts your icons into folders and also has a universal search engine.

Sliding Explorer

Finding files on your Android device is made very easy and simple by this Application. That's precisely why this is one of the most renowned file-explorers around.


Aviate changes the apps on your homescreen depending on time of day. Moreover, this App sorts your applications based on an alphabetical order.


This one's very popular. Airdroid can be used to easily transfer files from your phone to your PC

ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer works in a similar way as the Sliding explorer, the only difference is that this one also has options for advanced users who need to access files from their PC.

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