10 Simple Tips To Get Maximum Out of Google Now

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You might have heard about Google's smart personal assistant Google Now. If not, then we'll let you know how easy is to access Google Now on a daily basis.

Available on Android phone (Android 4.1 Jelly Bean later) and as part of the Google app for iPhone (iOS 7 or later), Google's service pushes digital personal assistance to a whole new level. For instance, it can send notifications to keep you updated about traffic jams before you reach your next destination.

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10 Simple Tips To Get Maximum Out of Google Now

Of course, Google Now is beyond your imagination. Here are our selected handy tips to get maximum out of Google Now. Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

Get Calendar Reminders

If you are using Google Calendars you can set appointments reminders. Other than Google Calendars, you can take advantage of Google Now to the fullest.

Google Now is available on your PC.

Awesome! You can get all your reminders, traffic and weather reports on your desktop. All you need the feature on in your Chrome browser and then sync it to the same Google account you use on your phone.

Identify music programs just by listening.

Just like Shazam app, Google Now can listen and provide details on almost any song available on purchase online. So, now, you can identify any song that's playing by saying, "What am I listening to?" and Google will go into Shazam mode.

Get Flight Status Updates

Now it's easy to keep a tab on the flight schedule with a dedicated Google Now card. What's more? If you switch location services on then you'll get cards detailing places or nearby attractions.

Set an Alarm

Let Google Now set an alarm for you. It's so simple! For instance, just say," Wake me up at 7:00 pm tomorrow" and the alarm will be automatically set.

Launch Apps

Google Now can launch any app when asked. Just say," launch Facebook", and Google Now show its real potential. It worked really well during our testing.

Turn-by-Turn Directions

Now you can also use Google Now to get instant turn-by-turn driving navigations. By saying," Driving directions to (location), you can get the specific and accurate turn-by-turn directions.


Now you can Tweet using Google Now. Just say, "Post to Twitter..." followed by your message.

Customize Google Now

It's so easy to customize Google Now. Depending upon your choice you can decide which card to show up first.

Speak Your Language

You can change the accent, and make Google Now even more personalized. All you need to go to Google Now settings>Voice language, and change the primary language to English (India).

Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

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