5 Android apps that are useful for students

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5 Android apps that are useful for students

Technology needn't be used only by techies. It can even be used & applied by students in their day to day activities. Technology can guide students to excel in their studies as well. Using some latest mobile phone apps that we have described below, students can easily keep themselves updated with the latest information These useful apps are:

1) Wikipedia: The term Wikipedia needs no introduction at all. Wikipedia is the most frequently used web reference sites in the world. This is now available in the form of an app. When you want to look up something, just go to the app & get the information you desire.

2) Formulas Lite: Perhaps the best educational app available in the market, this app gives you information on various areas such as Math Invasion, References, Interesting Facts, Easy Translate etc.

3) Ever note: This can be described as an electronic extension to of your brain. You can store all your information(all types) in the ever note application. In addition to this, you can even make notes during class & refer to them at a later time. The Ever note app can be accessed using PC, Tablets as well as a smartphone.

4) Merriam Webmaster Dictionary: This dictionary is the most famous & most referred to dictionary app in the world. This serves as a very useful tool during reference, learning.

5) CamScanner: This app can scan all your  hard-copies & convert them into PDF documents. Through this, you can easily scan notes, projects etc & store them digitally.

Thus, you can use the above mentioned apps & ensure a rich digital learning experience.

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