5 Awesome Things You Could Try Out with Google Voice Search this Weekend

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Before we head over to the main article, let us remind you that the weekend is already here. Two full days are now at your disposal to try out a number of things you have been thinking about (probably doodling about in office, like most of us) the entire week.

And while you start making lists of things you can do this weekend, let us tell you that the handset you are carrying is also capable of helping you out in ways you want to be helped while planning a perfect outing.

5 Awesome Things You Could Try Out with Google Voice Search

We are talking here about the Google Voice Search feature. The Voice search has been one of the most helpful things around, if you ask any of your friends. And now that the feature is capable of understanding the "Indian accent," the treat gets even bigger and better.

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But how could it help you? We take a look at the 5 top things you could try out this weekend with the Google Voice Search feature. Go ahead! It's fun.

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Make Note of the Weather

One of the most basic but useful features in Google's Voice Search is weather. You can ask your device for detailed weather forecast for your location/city. This is quite useful when planning a trip to another city or holiday destination.

Weather updates allow you to plan your bookings and work out your travel schedule in a more organised and smarter manner. And rest assured, the Voice Search will give you all the details you need.

Pick the Best Eateries in Town

What's a weekend without good food, right? Well, with Google's Voice Search at your disposal, expect all the best cuisine in town at your fingertips. Literally! Ask Google Voice Search and let it help you out.

Follow Your Favorite Sport

With the World Cup finally over, we can now concentrate on the Premier League that has just kicked off, apart from the Indian team playing more cricket abroad. Voice Search can do a lot of stuff related to sports. If you want scores or info on recent or upcoming games just ask. How many goals did Holland score? Is Raina playing for the England tour? All details are here.

Keep Up-To-Date with Mails

Voice Search is powered to send emails/text messages. You can send a text to someone by saying "Send text to" followed by the person's name and the message you want to send. Voice Search will pull up a card with the person's name and photo along with the contents of the message you composed.

All the Movies in Town

Want to know more about your favorite movie or fashion icons? Just simply ask Google and you will have all the information related to the movie or the celebrity at one command.

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