8 Romantic Android Apps to Spice Up Your Love Life

If you are a couple and can't spend much time together, other than on weekends, then we have the perfect solution for you. These apps will not only get the both of you close but will allow you to do almost everything. Such as share photos, draw pictures simultaneously and much more.

Here are the top 8 apps which will get every couple together and cherrish every moment of their in love and happines. Do check these apps and share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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The Couple App:


This app will definitly bring both of you together. In addition to its timeline, it also includes an instant messaging service (similar to Whatsapp), photos that can be set to disappear after a certain amount of time (similar to Snapchat), a way to draw pictures together in real-time, a search function to help you find romantic restaurants and night-life destinations, shared to-do lists, a web app, and a calendar. Sounds like fun!

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Stop Arguing Over Groceries:


Many a times couples are seen fighting over "who has to do the groceries".......But this app will help you with your groceries. Once you create a list and sync-in your partner, there shall be no more confusion. After you have purchased an item, just strike it off and your partner shall get a notification. So in return you will save money too by not buying the same products twice.

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Get Loved In A Better Way

Kissing Tips

This one is interesting! We have discovered an app called kissing tips. Well as the name suggests, the app will give brief descriptions and step-by-step instructions on various kisses which you could try with your partner when you have some leisure time to spare. Ranging from the romantic and widely recognised French kiss to the less widely-used Eskimo kiss. There are 47 different kissing styles in total and each one comes complete with a guide and accompanying illustrations.

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Secured Way Of being Together:


Avocado is a private and secure way for couples to stay connected just like the couple app mention above. You can text your partner, share various media formats with them, and use its built-in calendar for reminders about birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates. For people in long distance relationships, it also offers virtual hugs and kisses, giving you the feeling of being in closer proximity to your loved one.

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Sounds Japanese But For Fun Loving Couples:

Kindu For Couples

The app has regularly featured in top ten lists and comes highly recommended by a wide variety of publications, from Yahoo News and Mashable to FemaleFirst and Parenting.com. It works by asking both you and your partner a series of questions about what gets you going, then reveals the topics about which you both answered the same way. Its passcode protected, so there's no chance you'll be accidentally exposed, and even includes a way for you to suggest love-making ideas to your partner anonymously. A must have app for couples......

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Couples Journal Nothing Else:


A must have app for all couples. It is one reason which will remind you as to why you are stioll in love. Sweetest app for couples, dating or married. You can see your partner's location, send out secret messages and lighteb up their day.

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Get To Know Your Partner Better:

Lovers Counter For Couples

If you have just got a new boyfriend or girlfriend then you better check out this app. The new Loverscounter is an app for couples and is meant to improve and give more insight about your relationship. The Loverscounter is a one-on-one social app, where you as a couple share all your relational information and communication. Loverscounter is also a very private app, which means it doesn't share any of your data to your peers, unless you want it to, via other social media.

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Dare Your Partner:


Desire for two is a couple app where one of them gives a dare to the other. It's free, it's fun, and it's completely private! DESIRE42 is perfect for both long-term relationship and new couples. Compete against your partner! Earn points as you complete dares. Who's gonna win? you or your sweetheart? DESIRE42 is a great app for couples.

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