Adobe Photoshop Touch Updated with 7-inch Tablets Support

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Adobe Photoshop Touch Updated with 7-inch Tablets Support

Adobe Photoshop Touch 1.4 has been released for smaller tablets optimized for their smaller display screens. The devices include Google Nexus 7 and iPad Mini. The new version brings to the table several new features and other bug fixes.

This release follows Adobe’s earlier announcement that Photoshop Touch would be available from Amazon Appstore and that it would support Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire tablets. Adobe has brought out the release to include tablets of all sizes to provide users the flexibility to create. 

Some of the new features of Adobe Photoshop Touch 1.4 are: 

  • Jaja stylus, Jot Touch and Pogo Connect - the three styli of iPad which are pressure-sensitive 

  • Stamp Pattern and Lens Flare 

  • Smoother strokes of the brush and new workflow for color selection and performance

  • Completed projects can be directly shared from Photoshop to Facebook or Twitter. 

Adobe Photoshop Touch 1.4 is free for the current Photoshop Touch users and can be downloaded from iTunes App Store, Amazon Appstore and Google Play Store. New users of Adobe Photoshop Touch 1.4 can buy the application for iOS from iTunes App Store for Rs. 550 and for Android from Google Play Store for Rs. 539. 

Adobe Photoshop Touch was released earlier this year. The application offers the basic Photoshop features in addition to a plethora of features that allow the user to create and share in an application which has been custom-built for tablets. Adobe Photoshop touch is the main component belonging to Adobe Touch Apps which are touch-screen apps created on the initiative of Adobe Creative Suite software. 

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