Advanced Windows Phone Speech Recognition Feature Shown in Video: Could Come With Windows Blue

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Earlier this month Microsoft held TechFest, a privet event for employees, where it showcased various technological advancements to come in the future. Apparently a demo of a prototype Bing app for Windows Phone with advanced speech recognition capabilities, was reveled during the event. MSFT Kitchen has put up a video, which shows the research team demonstrating the speech recognition improvements.

Microsoft is already known to incorporate speech recognition feature in Windows Phone. According to the demonstration, the new improvements are said to bring enhanced recognition speed and accuracy, along with a new "streaming mode, that could let Windows Phone users to search while speaking.

Advanced Windows Phone Speech Recognition Feature Shown in Video

Similar feature was introduced to the Android search for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. However, Microsoft is said to take things a step further, as the bing search will come with the ability to produce inline search queries, while the user is still talking.

Eric Rudder, Chief Technical Strategy Office, says the upgrade will increase word error rate accuracy by 12-15 percent and an addition of 10 to 15 percent increment to be added further.
There is word that, some of these enhancements are already being rolled out to Windows Phone customers in select areas, but the tech-giant has not specified, when the full upgrade might be available for all.

There are roomers that the new advanced feature might come along with Windows Blue update. The new update is said to bring enhancements to the OS, which will improve the overall user experience on devices and PC. The update is expected to be released in summer of this year.

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