Amazing Spider Man Introduces Second Screen App for Blu-ray Release

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Amazing Spider Man Introduces Second Screen App for Blu-ray Release

Reportedly, Sony Entertainment have introduced a modern Amazing Spider-Man Second Screen application before its companion Blu-Ray Disc hits the marketplace. With this app the users will be working on their iPad, Sony Tablet S, or Sony Xperia Tablet S to see content related to the film feature even before the Blu-ray is released. Once the Blu-ray is out on the market and you’ve got it home with you, you’ll have companion content available with bonuses galore!

This application currently has a assortment of media which relates to the task included inside the creation of the Spider-Man franchise reboot. This application might have new content every week till the Blu-ray hits shop shelves about November 9th – simply a month away! This application can then function with 2 interactive methods – Timeline plus Production – both of them immersing we inside the Amazing Spider-Man universe inside techniques you’ve not before experienced with a home-bound movie.

In Production Mode you’ll be working with media involving Filmmakers, Story, Cast, Stunts, Location, and Design, each of these ready for “sling” action. Once you’ve got your tablet connected to your Blu-ray player, a quick “sling” will push the content you’ve got in your Production Mode interface to your full HD television – neat stuff!

When synced to the Blu-ray, the app then becomes an interactive Movie Timeline, offering scene-specific cast and crew interviews, special effects tests, stunt footage and trivia.

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