An app that assists in searching jobs

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An app that assists in searching jobs

Facebook, the leading social networking website is definitely not the only one that strikes the users when they are searching out for new career and job related opportunities. This clearly states that there are similar ones online to search for new jobs. is a reputed career search site that is also involved in this type of ideas.

The website has launched a new professional networking application which will allow the users to build up their professional identities available in Facebook. People spend lot of their time in browsing Facebook and the companies also do the same in finding out the productive and creative tools that will connect them to the potential talent.

BeKnown, is the new professional networking app and it will display the jobs based on the network connections and the experience of the users. Soon as the app finds out a potential job for the user, the user can state the areas of interest related to the employer by getting information from their profiles.

The app allows the users to earn badges and visual emblems as per their strengths, experiences and accomplishments either from colleagues or from the site itself. This feature will help aid the recruiters and highlight the accomplishments of the users to the recruiter.

Now the app is updated to have college pages so that the users can connect with their alumni and then find the jobs that are posted by them. The users will always like to maintain a connection between the other students and the alumni and this is done by BeKnown.

When BeKnown posts a job, it is posted automatically on the college page of the job poster. When the users come across this job opportunity, they will come to known the year of graduation of the poster and can start with a conversation in a much professional manner.

It is quite important to have separate accounts for the social and the professional lives of the users. This is not only important for the users but also for the professionals so that they can be comfortable by establishing a boundary. The jobs are listed on the Facebook pages of the company. BeKnown is configured to function effectively on both Android and iOS.

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