An app to find lost Android phone or tablet

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An app to find lost Android phone or tablet

When you have lost your phone, you will be really panic. Mostly, you would have not lost it but just kept it somewhere due to absentmindedness. However, you will search for your device very hard. What if you have not installed a security app or remote locator app on your device? Here is an useful information to help this type of users.

There are several Android applications that can be installed and activated remotely through the Google Play store. It is not guaranteed if you will get your device back but at least you have a chance to fight. This article deals with the AndroidLost app that will help you in such situations.

Go to the Google Play store and then to the AndroidLost page. Sign in with the Google account that you use with the missing device. If your device is turned on and connected then the application will install itself automatically on the device and authenticate it.

After this, go to the page and sign in with the same Google account. Go to Controls/Settings page. If the page appears with remote control options active for the missing device then you can locate it. If you find these options inactive, then you have to log in and out and keep on trying it.

If you have not registered the device with AndroidLost, you can do it by sending a SMS reading “androidlost register” to the device from some other phone. This will get the device registered to the application quickly. Once it is registered, you can remotely lock and locate the device from the Controls page on the site.

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