An app to make social network personal

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 An app to make social network personal

Are you interested to share more personal and private moments of your life to your group of friends alone rather than to a large network? There is an app to help you out in this situation. The path app was initially created as a method to post the photos and videos to the close friends and family and this month it was updated as a smart journal that will allow the users to share lots of their lives.

Path is a small network that is especially biult for those whom you love like the close friends and family and also whom you are interested to share about the initimate content. Some of the aspects of your life may make you feel mudane but when they are broadcast to closer connections they will get a newlight.

May be your friends will not be excited to see you and your siblings in a photo but when your parents have a look at the snap they are sure to be contented. The app can learn the habits of the user like their favorite palces and then recognize the deviations in patterns and also broadcast all these to their path which is a social stream that is visible only to the connections of the user.

Path is inspired by Robin Dunbar, Oxford Professsor and British anthropologist. It limits the number of social connections the users can have and makes it 150 members. This figure is the maximum limit of trusted relationships that a particular user can have. Each user in Path will have 5 to 10 connections. After the updation, Path has gained about 30 fold increase in terms of the daily users claim the creators.

Though this app is free, there are some features that the users will have to pay to use. Path is currently available for iOS as well as Android devices and also has the integration to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare that will allow them to cross post to the social network.

Some of the similar apps that will create digital journals are Day One and Momento. Facebook has completely changed the world and people are revealing their own identities for the first time on internet and they are freely connecting to those people whom they like. Path has created a belief of personal next generation social networks.

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