Apple: Top game apps in iTunes removed

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Apple: Top game apps in iTunes removed

From the iTunes App Store lot of game apps were removed due to issues regarding the copyright. The list of the removed games includes Temple Jump, Angry Ninja Birds and Plant vs. Zombie as these resemble the name of the popular games such as Temple Run, Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies.

The Temple Jump app was slightly successful when compared with the other two that were removed from the iTunes App Store. A report also claims that it was at the top of the applications chart. Previously, the copyright issues were gathered in many cases but this is the first time that the games are removed for the store.

The iOS app store has certain systems to check the genuineness of the applications but still the users can also submit reviews and also report bugs. However, users cannot flag the titles directly. The platform is not responsible for these kinds of issues and if it is liable then the process of review will be still more complicated and cumbersome.

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