Apps and services to reduce SMS bills

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Apps and services to reduce SMS bills

Are you using your phone for calling or for texting? If you go with the second one, then you must be one who would usually cross that 200 free SMS per day that is imposed by your operator. Then this will have an impact on the bill and so there has to be something done to enjoy texting without getting such heave bills.

To resolve this, most of the service providers offer special SMS packages to send messages at lesser cost. But these offers are confined only to small number of users. Texting is usually a better option than calling and you can send files, text, videos and photos to the others using this as far as you have internet access. The interesting part is that it is for free.

This method of texting is quite cheaper than the conventional one and this article lists out some of the applications and services to perform this.

Blackberry Messenger

The BBM the smoothest messaging service that exists and it is incorporated in the Blackberry handsets. Users are allowed to send as well as receive unlimited messages, files and even photos.


This app has to be installed on your handset and can be used to exchange the pictures and messages. This works on all mobile platforms and not like the BBM that works only with BlackBerry. It includes the contacts by scanning the contact list so that you need to send invites to all. This is free for certain platforms and costs little for others.


This app is for iPhone and iPad and it is free of cost. The special thing is that if the person who you are sending the message to has either iPhone or iPad, the app will convert the SMS to iMessage and send it across.


Nimbuzz has many IM clients and you can send photos, text and videos to your friends using these like Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk and Facebook Chat. This can also be used from a computer to make free video calls and phone calls.


This social networking website instead of a messaging service that allows users to swap links, messages and photos with the followers. This requires you to install the application in the handset to access the website even from a computer. The only restriction is that the messages are limited to 140 characters.

The messaging applications do not charge for every message. They work well with standard EDGE or GPRS connections. You can also use Wi-Fi if required. You can also swap videos, files and photos as and when needed without spending extra cost on special activations.

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