Bag Piggies: Rovio Releases Angry Birds Successor for iOS, Android and Mac today

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Bag Piggies:  Rovio Releases Angry Birds Successor for iOS, Android and Mac today

Popular game developer Rovio, known for Angry Birds series of games has launched a new game derived from Angry Birds game scenario. The new game is titled Bad Piggies. Rovio had previously released a trailer for the game to publicize its arrival. From the trailer the new game looks like a merge between Amazing Alex and Rigonauts. 

The game play progresses from the perspective of the villains in the Angry Birds series of games, the pigs. Bad piggies will allow users to play as pigs and understand their side of the story. The game allows players to create unique vehicles to move around. Users can create simple four wheeler vehicles or biplanes which will allow the characters to traverse through the air. 

Rovio had also released a comic for Bad Piggies which explains the storyline of the game when the game was announced earlier this month. Mikael Hed, CEO of Rovio explained that there has been a lot of empathy towards the pigs which are the main villainous figures in the Angry Birds game and people were curious to know about the pig"s side of the story. Bad Piggies will give such intrigued users an opportunity to take up the role of the pigs and explore their world. 

The game has been launched for iOS, Android and Mac today. Versions for Windows 8, Windows Phone and PC will be released soon. You can get the Android version of the game from here and the iOS version from here. Mac version can be downloaded from here. Android and iOS versions of Bad Piggies can be purchased for $0.99(approximately Rs. 50) where as the Mac version will cost you $4.99(approximately Rs. 260).

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