Best of 2014: 5 Top Apps For Apple iPhone

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Apple's iPhone is a device to reckon with, but to truly get the best experience, you need to download a few killer apps. Every iPhone come pre-loaded with a selection of apps.

It isn't always easy to find the best iPhone apps when there are so many of them available. Whether you have the iPhone 4S or the latest iPhone 6, these are picks of the App store essentials.

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Best of 2014: 5 Top Apps For Apple iPhone

Here are the best apps in 2014 for the Apple iPhone. Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

SwiftKey Keyboard

Finally! Apple iPhone users can install custom keyboards. The app brings its best features to iOS devices, including its multiple language support, flow swipe to type method, super smart predictions and  more accurate autocorrect.The app is now available for all iOS 8 users to download on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

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Best of 2014: 5 Top Apps For Apple iPhone


It is indeed a great offline reading tool that allows you to select and save articles, pictures, and videos for later viewing. Tagging, cross-device and platform syncing, and many other features make this application worth it.

Best of 2014: 5 Top Apps For Apple iPhone

Yahoo! Weather

The Yahoo! Weather app sports a gorgeous interface that is unique to use. You can view detailed 5-day forecasts as well as interactive radar, heat, and satellite maps, sunrise & sunset times.

Best of 2014: 5 Top Apps For Apple iPhone

Google Translate

Google Translate allows users to type in or dictate short sentences from one language to another. All you need to select an input language and an output language and then either type in or dictate your message. The software currently translates text between 80 languages including Arabic, Chinese, Filipino, and more.

Best of 2014: 5 Top Apps For Apple iPhone


A few millions are using Instagram. In fact, Instagram photo-sharing app has over 300 million users. That's because the app is designed around photography. We suspect your friends have certainly made an Instagram account.

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