BitTorrent Set to Officially Launch Live Video Streaming App

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Popular peer-to-peer file sharing service BitTorrent has just announced that fans will soon be able to stream live video with their smartphone using BitTorrent.

While the desktop service for the same already exists, the company states that a mobile app that will also facilitate similar kind of video streaming advantages is currently in works and will arrive later this year.

BitTorrent Set to Officially Launch Live Video Streaming App

As reported, the BitTorrent Live doesn't rely on a single company-based server for recording a video and sending it out to viewers. Rather, it uses a broadcaster to send the video to viewers, who then watch it and send to other viewers.

As of now, although the BitTorrent Live itself remains in beta stages, BitTorrent said that the lack of polish to the mobile app will be in the developing protocol and not the app itself. "When we initially tried it last year, the protocol's reliance on a distributed network remained problematic: when there weren't enough viewers, videos would start slowly or wouldn't play at all," The Verge wrote.

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"At the moment, it appears to have worked past some of those kinks and is performing much better, at least on officially featured streams."

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And as far as benefits from the new service are concerned, while there may not be any immediate benefit to using BitTorrent over one of the many companies that offer live broadcasting for free for individual, small-scale broadcasters, but there are benefits for others looking for an inexpensive way to stream a lot of content (and make a bit of money while doing so).

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